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KilledScarab was originally just another fanboy just trying to get on BLACKNEND’s friends list.  BLACKNEND thought it was so funny that he decided to pull pranks him, and record them.  This began the famous “KilledScarab Series.”  After BLACKNEND had ended the series, Scarab actually became quite a popular character.  Because of the success of the series, he and BLACKNEND had become great friends. Then in 2010, BLACKNEND had asked Scarab if he would like to join the crew.  Scarab took BLACKNEND’s offer to join.  In the movies, KilledScarab is SPARK1com’s best friend.  Off screen he is a fighter and great sidekick in battle.  And whatever you do, don’t try to prank Scarab, cause now, he won’t fall for it!


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